Wojtek Figielski wurde 1955 in Warschau geboren und lebt seit 1978 in Köln, Deutschland. 

Er studierte an der Technischen Universität Energie und Flugzeugbau. 
Schon in jungen Jahren entdeckte er seine Faszination für die Kunst, die sich durch verschiedene Strukturen, Materialien und Techniken während der Studienzeit weiter entwickelt hat.
Seine gesamte berufliche Tätigkeit wurde von künstlerischen Visionen und Projekten begleitet.
Anfangs stand die Schwarz - Weiß – Fotografie im Vordergrund, da diese Formen und Strukturen besonders hervorheben kann.
Mit der Zeit kamen die Malerei und Skulpturen hinzu, denn Stahl, Beton und Farbpigmente können neue Welten erschaffen.

  • As Josef Haubrich of Cologne after the end of the second World War, in 1946, handed directly his art collection, it seemed the people of Cologne as a message from a better world. Long-lost images of German Expressionists and other representatives of Classical Modernism, who were persecuted during the war and as "degenerate" were suddenly among the citizens of the city. That he should thus lay the foundation for the collection of the Museum Ludwig - and thus for one of the most important museums of modern and contemporary art in Europe - was still in the distant future.

  • Romance - Impressionism - Modern

    Caspar David Friedrich did it, just as Alfred Sisley and Auguste Rodin, Claude Monet even 33 times. And Matisse, Feininger, Ernst, Picasso, Warhol and Gursky, to name only the most famous artists. They all were inspired by the grace, size and symbolism famous cathedrals wonderful works. The exciting way this motif from the Romantic period to the present time is characterized by the Wallraf from 09/26/2014 to 01/18/2015. In his major exhibition "The Cathedral" Cologne brings the house together more than 100 exhibits from international collections, all of which deal with the monumental buildings of the Middle Ages. Among alone four works from the legendary cycle of Monet with whom he immortalized the Cathedral of Rouen.

  • In September 2014, Galerie Franzkowiak opened their rooms in Togostraße 6
    in Berlin to show young and established contemporary positions out of
    the areas of painting, graphic, sculpture and photography. The new
    location is situated in a charming part of Berlin Wedding. The artists
    represented by Galerie Franzkowiak live in Berlin but also in
    Copenhagen, Paris or Tokyo. Amongst others the gallery represents Arno
    Bojak, Stefanie Hillich, Christoph Löffler, Marc Gröszer, Kata Unger and
    Frank Diersch.

  • When they created the key works of their era, artists were such as Van Gogh, Monet and Gauguin in total Japan-fever. How much they were influenced by the Asian aesthetic, now shows the Folkwang Museum.

  • More art against the gray: The Lichtenberg Open Art initiative aims to make the district more attractive. Now there is a new work of art - the world's largest inhabited mural artist James Bullough and Addison Karl.