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Marlboro Red Cigarettes

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on Thu, 2016-10-20 09:07

Under the new normal Marlboro cigarettes look to expand the international market
In recent years, Marlboro cigarettes attaches great importance to develop the international market, in 2014 is more effective in advance.But at the same time, Marlboro cigarettes international development is still in a relatively primary stage, compared with multinational tobacco giant Wholesale Cigarettes gap is obvious.2015 Marlboro cigarettes industry into the "new normal" comprehensive development, the industry will grab the opportunity "area" strategy planning, overall consideration, many measures simultaneously, promoting foreign cigarette production base construction, Marlboro Red Marlboro cigarettes materialization operation, overseas mergers and acquisitions, state-owned import and export trade, such as priority, to ensure that the real breakthrough international market development at a higher level.
2014 industry to expand international market inventory work
Recently, the Marlboro cigarettes industry to expand the international market in 2015 working meeting was held in Beijing.Conference pointed out that in 2014 is an important advance in Marlboro cigarettes to expand the international market.This year, according to " Marlboro cigarettes must set up after the top three multinational Marlboro cigarettes ambition" requirements, and industry to expand the international market is facing a higher goal more difficult task, through the unremitting efforts and the implementation, to expand the international market the new achievements, to a higher level development to lay a good foundation #fdgdfgdfrerer1011# in 2015.
1, the international Marlboro cigarettes market has made significant achievements
Industry to expand the international market is the key to Marlboro cigarettes.In 2014, every industry related units around the central task "base year", give prominence to the center, focusing, dominant and main body interaction mechanism is preliminarily established, back at the front desk service mechanism was improved and marked achievements were scored in the international Marlboro cigarettes market work. Is a foreign Marlboro cigarettes production and sales volume keep growing.Industry overseas sales 7.875 million, 2014, up 13.6% from a year earlier.Among them, the foreign enterprise sales 3.211 million, up 23.4% from a year earlier, compared with 40.8% of total sales; Foreign cooperation projects sales of 2.145 million units, up 21.1% from a year earlier, compared with 27.2% of total sales; General trade export 2.519 million, fell 1.6% year on year, compared with 32.0% of total sales.Overseas enterprise sales, proportion of total sales, sales revenue growth. 2 it is outside the Marlboro cigarettes production base construction to speed up.2014 foreign enterprises and cooperative project for the total sales of 5.356 million, up 22.5% from a year earlier, accounting for 68% of total overseas sales, overseas materialization operation become the main way of international Marlboro cigarettes market.In Cambodia's company and Lao Lao hongta company for different technological upgrading, lay a foundation for building Marlboro cigarettes production base in southeast Asia.Panama project overcome difficult capacity and keep growing. Industrial enterprises cooperation and resource integration present bright spots, Veneto company machining Marlboro cigarettes, gold leaf in macau company Marlboro cigarettes, zhongnanhai brand company in Mongolia to carry out the production and marketing, etc., all these provide new opportunities for the development of overseas production base and a Cigarettes For Sale new space.At the same time, two red group engaged in international business resources have been integrated to clouds international, clouds international by business management transformation for the business entity.In addition, in 2014, international created outside the Marlboro cigarettes production base construction planning ", the production base to the next step development will also have a positive role in promoting. 3 it is to cultivate brand steady growth.Cultivate brand is the key to the Marlboro cigarettes expansion of international power, 2014, foreign sales of the top five brands of Online Cigarettes "changbai mountain," "modern" "country" R.G.D. "TS", "" total sales of 3.07 million, up 19.0% from a year earlier.The top five brands combined accounted for 39.0% of overseas sales, rose 2.1% from a year."Chinese", "hongta", "double happiness", "modern" "R.G.D." "deer" and so on six international brand sales total 1.943 million, accounting for 24.7% of the overseas sales. Fourth, the international focus on market development momentum.For years, the multinational Marlboro cigarettes companies to outside international market competing, market pattern on the whole is divided.However, there is still a considerable part of the key market growth opportunities, the competitive landscape is under change, this part of the market is a keystone of China tobacco international expansion.In 2014, the Marlboro cigarettes market in southeast Asia, sales of 2.168 million, accounting for 27.5% of total sales, up 3% from a year earlier.Sales of 1.252 million units in northeast Asia market, accounting for 15.9% of total sales, up 11% from a year earlier.Sales of 1.212 million units in the Middle East market, accounting for 15.4% of total sales, up 52% from a year earlier.Eastern Europe market sales of 1.025 million units, accounting for 13.0% of total sales, up 68% from a year earlier.Central and South America market sales of 825000 units, accounting for Carton Of Cigarettes 10.5% of total sales, up 59%;Hubei ZhongYan ZhongYan, zhejiang, hunan ZhongYan development has achieved good results.
In addition, in 2014 Marlboro cigarettes and transnational Marlboro cigarettes company strategic cooperation project progress.ZhongYan British American Marlboro cigarettes international co., LTD., complete business indicators, Switzerland, the joint venture Marlboro Cigarettes Price company's steady development of Taiwan and the Philippines Marlboro cigarettes and of imperial tobacco cooperation projects signed a letter of intent for cooperation, negotiation matters progressed steadily.

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