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A guide to avoid injuries When You Move

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on Fri, 2016-02-19 08:33
Saturday, February 10, 2018

Moving to a new home is a stressful job. Leaving behind the comfort of familiarity and venturing out into a new world, full of new people is a very challenging task. In addition to this emotional stress, most families are required to pack a lot of things, which can lead to a lot of chaos.
It has been brought out in a survey that 8 out of 10 times people dealing with moving and packing job get hurt during the process. The last thing which you would like to carry to your new home is perhaps your own injured self. In order to prevent that from happening, here is a list of certain precautions which you can take to avoid any mishaps.
Wear Appropriate Clothes
No matter how silly it sounds, but yes, clothes do play a big role. Wear shoes that have firm grip and ankle support. It shall protect you from accidental slips and protect your ankles in case you sustain a fall. Wear clothes that are comfortable and breathable. Don’t wear too loose ones as they might get stuck to the open ends of the furniture and get torn off.
Get Rid Of Harmful Objects
There are many things which we tend to stack up in the store room for various needs but don’t use often. Some of these materials are combustible and potentially injurious. In order to avoid injury, get rid of these materials as soon as you can, so that no one spills them during the process of moving.
Don’t Overload Your Boxes
Often when we buy expensive packing boxes, we are tempted to fill them to the top most level. This however can be quite dangerous for a person attempting to lift it. As a rule of thumb, do not make yourboxes any heavier than 25 Kg. While lifting heavy boxes, put the pressure on your knees, instead of your back. Leave space for a clear frontal view and take small yet firm steps to ensure that you do not misplace your foot.
Keep Your Pets and Kids Away From the Scene
Kids and pets are hard to manage, especially when they have no one to attend them. They are also susceptible to injury more than adults. Arrange for a baby sitter or leave them at a friend or relatives house, until the move is over. It would only help your movers and packers from Bangalore to complete the work faster.
Last but not the least,do not over estimate your strength. No matter how strong you are, moving heavy items requires special training and equipments. Hire a professional packers and movers in Bangalore, if you have lots of goods to transfer. It would keep both you and your property safe during the process.
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