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gps car use jammer device

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posted by
on Mon, 2017-10-23 10:51

Prisons in the United States, detainees have alarm cell phone jammer on the phone, the latest model also allow them to browse the Internet. But Christiane Taubira wants to give herself the means to prevent them.

His department reiterated in January: even if there is limit, also not allowed to use mobile phones in the prison. According to the prison director, the line was not thirty-six, but two solutions:

Or looking for a mobile phone found all detainees hidden place (start, even if it means raising tensions);

Or disrupt phones, wifi, 3G and 4G networks in prison, thanks to the machines that send waves to neutralize other people.

As the minister announced Tuesday, the aim now is to "make sure that all the high-tech interference in all prisons and all prisons" is summed up as "better control of prisoners' computers" to "make sure they can't access the Internet".

The question that continues to Christiane Taubira is, "when we fight for everything, we compete for everything", including the phone and computer of prison staff, "CCTV", all this, "allowing the administration".

The storage of seals could add that his service wrote in 2016 that jammers could cause "trouble alarm triggers."

The minister stressed that "the limitations of these devices" were also "very expensive" :

"The rapid development of communication technology may make some hardware has been out of date" : for example, from the manufacturer to 4 g wifi 3 g jammers transition is difficult to understand;

The difficulty of fully calibrating the interference power so that it does not cut off residents' Internet and phone access is not only annoying but illegal;

Finally, it is necessary to consider the "according to the different external environment of enterprises" to the proper adjustment of the machine.

Especially because the spotter GPS jammer cigarette lighter is not a health risk. There is not much profit in the prison to increase the equipment's ability to meet the criteria for compliance.

Criminals first buy a "frequency jammer" box, which is easy and a small one on the Internet. This object is quite discreet, because it is usually no bigger than a smartphone, and when you want to complete the car's electronic box, you will be banned from locking your car. They wait quietly in the cockpit for the vehicles you leave, which can be brought in and stolen from the car. No violation has been found, which is detrimental to the mission of the insured.

Stay alert! Once your vehicle is locked in your box, check that it is indeed the case and hold the door open.
In addition, the sales will close mobile jammers usually lights up turn signals: ensure that work in the lock when the vehicle is normal. Be careful

Prisoners can use fixed telephone booths, especially restrictions on the use of controlled Numbers, and prison service personnel will listen to the dialogue. However, on January 10, 2014 by the then general Jean - Marie Delarue refers to publish opinion emphasized the use fixed telephone the main difficulties in the prison.

On the one hand, the location of the phone booth is not allowed to be kept secret from other prisoners and prison staff. The respect of privacy and confidentiality between lawyer and client communication, due to the location of the house, hospital or facility free positioning, corridor are invalid. Into many ears. In the judgment of 23 July 2014, the court decided to confirm the order of the wren administrative court on 23 April 2015 to order the prison administration to take measures to ensure that the privacy of the cell phones interfered with the phone's privacy in the rewr-vichenstine prison center prisoners, their lawyers, regardless of the circumstances, or with their families, when they proved that there was no need to listen. However, the order of the origin of the decision, particularly based on article 8 of the European convention on human rights, guarantees respect for private and family life and letters.

Place to let freedom - Mary Delarue refers to deprive the auditor-general of authorization reflects the leadership car interference in prison, it must be conducted with effective policy makers. But the attorney-general has only the right to recommend.

Mobile phone authorization is tied to criminal policy in detention. Therefore, the political debate involving the attorney general is necessary. There will also be a chance to raise public awareness of French detention conditions.

In addition, the framework authorization of mobile phones will increase the monitoring effect in detention. The 40 drone jammer and security doors that have been installed in recent years seem to be ineffective. The imagination of prisoners and their associates is a deceptive delivery of laptops. In the end, regulators spent a lot of time tracking the results of laptop computers (900 mobile phones per year in Baumettes), though the penalties could be months of extra mobile phone interference.

The cell phone's license in prison must be surrounded.

In fact, the well-being of detainees should not obscure the need for safety, it will be massive records and transmission mechanism, the image of the staff or other detainees by the possibility of damage. Communicate and receive the same information in a way that is difficult to control by BBS or the website.

In an interview, Adeline Hazan estimated that cell phone authorization in prison was possible, as long as each prisoner had a limited list of accessible quantities. Then you can imagine the list is controlled by the bureau of prisons, to prevent attempted to sabotage the witness or the traffic flow, and easily according to the prisoner's reasonable need to modify the 2 g, 3 g, 4 g scrambler.

4G is the fourth-generation standard for mobile phones. Was the success of 2 g and 3 g, the technology allows very mobile broadband, that is to say, the data transmission rate is greater than 100 Mb/s even 1 Gb/s. And, of course, there is a 4G headset (or 4G Phone Scrambler) that can destroy or block the communication of this device.

The production and design of JP4008 is very portable, with its power of 1.2 watts, ensuring reliable power, and this version of the product is equipped with a locked-in module, which is finally applicable to all mobile network mobile WIFI jammer scrambler.

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