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NBA 2K17 Cheats & Guide: How To Ensure Successful Offensive Rebounds

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posted by
on Fri, 2016-10-14 07:32

NBA 2K17 gamers have been busying with getting all the badges aside from winning the games, as announced by reports, most of these badges aren't easy to acquire, among the list is the Hustle Rebounder badges. in that end, the gamers all hope to find out the easy way of ensuring a successful offensive rebound. NBA 2K17 will more fun than you anticipated, believe it or not, only a way to confirmed that buy NBA 2K17 MT XBOX ONE

How To Get NBA 2K17 Hustle Rebounder Badge

NBA 2K17 Hall of Fame Hustle Rebounder badge requires the players to get up to 800 defensive rebounds and 400 offensive rebounds, which is reportedly a difficult task to fulfil. To get the badge the easy way, staying underneath the basket area is recommended since it is easier to get a rebound there.

NBA 2K17 Offensive Rebounds

Getting the NBA 2K17 Hustle Rebounder badge reportedly is easy, yet a long task, in which players are required to get plenty of defensive and offensive rebounds. In fact, 100 offensive rebounds are needed, including 200 defensive rebounds to get the badge. If the difficulty is set at the lowest level, this task could be very easy.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.03 Fixes

NBA 2K17 patch 1.03 also brought fixes, like the 5-Second Closely Guarded rule in the Euro league games, making the violation be called only when the player is holding the ball and not when dribbling. Moreover, the proper controls for "Orange Juice" have been fixed as well in MYCourt and MyCareer modes. For more "NBA 2K17" tips and tricks, be sure to stay tuned U4NBA.COM

NBA 2K17 Defensive Rebounds

As for the defensive rebounds, the NBA 2K17 players must wait near the basket area for every missed shot by the other team. On the other hand, offensive rebound requires the players to pass first the ball to other teammates to score a basket. If teammates miss shots, all players must catch the ball. Activating the Orange Juice perk is reportedly helpful making offensive rebounds easier.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.03 For PS4, PC

Meanwhile, NBA 2K17 patch 1.03 has been released for PS4 and the PC, while the Xbox One version is reported to follow soon. The update comes with a number of new features and adjustments made in the NBA rules and the Euro league games. Reports also indicate that the new patch is expected to affect the aspects of the game. In general, gamers have been preoccupied with purchasing NBA 2K17 MT

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