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Then players might get frustrated

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posted by
on Fri, 2015-08-07 09:16

The figure was shared by Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XIV to get FFXIV Gil , during Japan's Expo. The game has already been available in the market for 21 months and counting.

Game Revolution, though, makes it clear that the figure is not yet official as the game's subscriber count hasn't been published yet and Square Enix, the game's developer, isn't the one who shared the figure.

"To be frankly honest with you, there are now so many mobile devices, smartphones, everything; why would you ever stick to one platform from the hardware aspect. Just... make it open to everyone. That's my opinion," he continued.

"I would love for as many players as possible to enjoy the game worldwide, so from a business point of view it could make sense to have it on the Xbox platforms. But as I mentioned earlier, that would bring about the tragedy that someone might have to give up their existing character. Then players might get frustrated, and then they ask us - ' Square Enix, can't you do something?' and then...yeah. Unless that happens, we can't really do anything."

In addition to the standard retail version, a Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will also be available for fans of the game at The Collector’s Edition contains bonus in-game items such as the Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Coeurl Mount and Behemoth Barding.

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