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The Classic Converse “All Star” embroidery at top of the tongue

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posted by
on Fri, 2018-06-29 12:25
Exhibition Monday, June 3, 2019

The converse all star weiß silhouette is a timeless classic and a favorite among fashion lovers around the world, and now the iconic shoe has gotten an upgrade. Coming in both black and white, the sleek sneaker has gotten a ruffle addition across the top, replacing the lacing. The minimal shoe also features the rubber toe cap, as well as “All Star” embroidery at top of the tongue.

Converse is set to debut the converse all star schwarz Biggore Slip for their 100th Anniversary. A remixed version of the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor that’s highlighted with a large logo strap across the mid-foot.

Three color options will be available in your choice of Black, Red, and White. It features a laceless, converse all star sale slip-on construction with an elastic band on the mid-foot atop the brands signature rubber sole.

The winter season has already ushered in toasty new models such as the plush-lined converse all star damen. Now Converse introduces yet another blushing iteration in the form of a luxe “Dusk Pink” rework. With an upper constructed out of premium leather, the elevated version is also designed with a thicker midsole with more arch support. Rounding off the look is a silver aluminium lacing system, cotton laces, a horizontal band with a decorative motif running down the heel and of course, the brand’s hallmark rubber outsole.

These converse all star ox sneakers are formally dubbed the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star 1970s, a nod to their premium upgrade from the more affordable Chucks you'll find at your local mall. Now, at just $85, the 1970s version is still a great value, especially when you consider they're made almost exactly the same way pairs in the 1970s were, meaning with a sturdy eggshell rubber sole and thick, durable canvas. It also means you can beat the hell out of a pair, unlike those Yeezys and Off-White Nikes you basically had to Ocean's Eleven your way into buying, anyway.

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