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Battles were quick and enjoyable

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on Wed, 2016-03-02 06:39

Unfortunately, I wasn't given a specific release date or launch window, but I was informed that the BNS Gold Blade And Soul game would hit PlayStation 3 consoles next year.My time with the Tales series didn't end there, though. Immediately after checking out Tales of Graces f, I got some hands-on time with Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS. As fans of the series will be aware, Tales of the Abyss was originally a PlayStation 2 title, and it is now being remade for Nintendo's current handheld. the Blade And Soul game played like a tried and true RPG. As I explored a large overworld area, I frequently encountered different types of enemies. Battles were quick and enjoyable, and slashing away at enemies was a great deal of fun.In terms of the graphics, Tales of the Abyss is on par with other portable RPGs. The detail isn't too massive, but the added 3D provided a nice stylish touch. That said, I happen to enjoy the 3D effect of Nintendo's portable device. It's highly likely that a lot of other gamers will shut it off completely. Still, it's good to know it's there, and seeing my stats screens pop up in front of my characters was pretty Cheap Blade & Soul Gold cool-looking.Like Tales of Graces f, Tales of the Abyss is likely to launch sometime in 2012.

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