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the ball FIFA players Chelsea

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posted by
on Mon, 2016-06-20 10:30

The first 17 minutes 'Newcastle' attack, Ameoba FIFA outside the area by Chelsea defender denied. The first 19 minutes, 'Chelsea' fifa coin attack, Azar move to the left side, William longrange left foot shot just over the soccer goal and missed scoring opportunities. The first 22 minutes, and error 'Newcastle' William right pass, Azar did not play regular ball, and small law missed longrange outside the area. The first 25 minutes 'Chelsea' counterDiego Costa kick into the box from the chest remained in the fire FIFA goalkeeper Elliott. 26 in the first minute, Diego Costa from outside the region in the long run starts just wide of FIFA. The first 28 minutes, passing on the left column of the defender head the ball came out, then there is on the right side of Ivan biography place. After 1 minute A Yueze left and Terry siege of the penalty area the ball home. The first 31 minutes, 'Newcastle awesome game, Cole Parker components Courtois left foot hit the door and denied the bottom line. The first 36 minutes, 'Newcastle' attack, border chaos gated community, a longrange shot from Cole Parker touching the column bottom line. During the first 38 minutes, but Matt Young to move to the left, the ball FIFA players 'Chelsea' FIFA for free. The first 39 minutes, Costa was brought down on the right side of the 'Chelsea' chance to win a penalty, but not one minute later threatened William longrange fut 17 coins shot in the penalty area FIFA goalkeeper get. The first 44 minutes, sent a cross Act, Oscar unsuccessful in front of the barbed fire, half of Harding Park, 'Chelsea' 00 draw with Newcastle. The first 46 minutes, Azar left side in the second half of the inverted triangle pass, FIFA player siege Newcastle soccer ball. The first 47 minutes, Moses leaning tower Sissoko, who ruled over a yellow card warning. After 1 minute, Azar and came to sweep under the lower front of the right, the ball higher to prevent Taylor denied the bottom line. The first 54 minutes of a Yueze left and Terry siege of the penalty area the ball home. The first 55 minutes, Steven Taylor William tends to eat a yellow card. Later, a small law in the future, Mikel Qiangdian in the penalty area hit the door wide soccer goal. The first 57 minutes, 'Newcastle' to break the deadlock, Ameoba the left, Cahill touched the ball change is taking place, in front of Cisse Qiangdian shot the ball into 'Chelsea' 01. The first 59 minutes, Moussa Sissoko over the bar in front of the head, and the first 60 minutes' Chelsea alternatives Shaw Earl spot for the first time, according to Oscar. The first 62 minutes, closed front with fifa17coins4u 'Chelsea' Cross, William head is not the greatest positive after Earl Shaw from far beyond the area of ​​FIFA goalkeeper received.

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