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<p>quality level wooden floor </p>

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posted by
on Fri, 2016-07-29 03:47
Sunday, July 31, 2016

When consumers buy wood floor, they tend to believe that as long as the selected varieties of wood durability of synthetic decking in comparion to natural timber flooring, you can let go regardless. This is actually not true, experts remind us that in the wood floor installation before transported to the site, consumers should pay special attention to the following five points: to view the model and species of wood flooring business check whether a shipment of wood easy maintenance outdoor flooring materials flooring is our book type and species.

Different view wood flooring substrate quality level wooden floor, prices vary widely. Some unscrupulous businessmen with second, third product is the price of first-class goods sold to us. This requires us to keep their eyes open, to see if there is wood poles, cracking, decay, dead knots and other defects. Of course, for small articulated, color can not be too demanding, this is the natural properties of wood. See precision with 10 wooden recyclable the fence flower boxes floor on the flat assembly, touch, seeing the quality of its processing accuracy, finish is smooth, smooth, installation gap, anti-tank and other deformation assembled whether they match exactly.

Check the moisture content of wood moisture content is essential. Measure the moisture content of wood to buy, but also to the moisture content was measured after pre-installation of the box. 5. Check the quality of the paint film to watch their lacquer plate surface is uniform, plump, smooth without bubbling. As long as the above points, you can say buy a qualified wood everwood ecological wood plastic floor floor, before they can begin the installation.

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