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posted by
on Mon, 2018-04-09 09:17

From safe wow gold the beginning I was touched by the hopelessness of the McKinley High gang as they faced heading to Regionals with all odds against them. With the diabolical Sue Sylvester on the judging panel I was prepared for certain doom. Their willingness to share how much they were going to miss show choir, and each other, elicited a big old "Awwwwwww" from me.

Then there was Rachel and Finn. She was just vulnerable enough, given the almost certain loss of the Glee Club and her recent heartbreak by Jesse St. James, to reach out to our favorite dumb jock. When she kissed him on the stairs in the hallway I melted.

The kids weren't the only ones struggling. It was clearly tearing Mr. Schuester up too as did the news that Emma is now dating her dentist (who reportedly will be played next season by John Stamos, to which we say "YUM!"). When Schue broke down (emotionally, not mechanically) in his car and we see him at the side of the road crying to a Journey song, I was undone.

Yet you just knew that the gang was going to rise to the occasion. Singing a medley of Journey songs, New Directions had the crowd, and me, on their feet at Regionals. Not to mention the magic I felt happening between Rachel and Finn.

I loved that Quinn's mom showed up announcing she had kicked the pregnant teen's dad out because he had hooked up with some "tattooed freak." This was classic "Glee" for me, with one of those "Oh no they didn't" pop culture references that just slayed me. Quinn's labor, juxtaposed with Vocal Adrenaline's performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody," was some of the best TV I have seen in awhile.

Watching the other judges, notably Josh Groban and Olivia Newton John, turn on Sue was also classic. Having her actually vote for New Directions was a nice touch.

As was the kids singing "To Sir with Love" to Schue. So sweet and cue more tears! The look on Sue's face as she watched the performance was just the supreme acting I've come to expect from actress Jane Lynch. Love her so much!

Just about everything was wrapped up in a neat bow, including the adoption of Quinn's baby by Rachel's mother. I thought it was a nice redemption for that character.

And speaking of redemption, I adored Sue blackmailing Principal Figgins into giving Glee Club another year. Ending the show with Puck and Schue singing the ukulele version of "Over the Rainbow" was just perfect. I hadn realize that this was such a great show!!! I am completely, but pleasantly surprised at the great acting and dialogue of this show. I laughed and I cried!

I must admit, though, that the reason I started watching Glee was because of Charice.

July 7, 2010 at 11:04 pm

Loved this show from the first! Good finale, but didn like Rachel mom taking baby instead of Rachel story line; I realize getting those two actresses together was genuis, but that resolution was too cruel. Thought Bohemian Rapsody with Qinn labor/delivery worked far better than it shoud have, and loved the last two songs!!! Want to see Figgins sing/dance next season, LOVE Jane Lynch, she what keeps me coming back . . . also Brittany one liners; laughed about the diary thing every time I looked at my cat! Please, more character development/singing, give Rachel a break. Don have guest stars just because they great performers. The inherent story lines are the show strength, so don strain our committment, or the show will become a parody. I be back in September!!!

June 20, 2010 at 11:36 am

I love, love, LOVE this show!!! The finale was awesome, and I do not think that Jane Lynch charachter is compromised because of the ending of the finale. There have been a couple of episodes where you can see that she does actually have a heart, she just loves to torment Will and his kids, which without her this show would not be nearly as amusing. I absolutely LOVE Jane Lynch!! I knew Vocal Adrenaline would win but I thought McKinley would at least place, they were much better than the other group. I did not really like Rachels mom adopting Quinn baby, I think she should have tried harder to know her real daughter first, and I thought what she did was a bit harsh. I hope that her character does not come back next season. I cannot wait until the return of next season! Until then they are showing the whole season over the summer, so I can still get my fix!

June 18, 2010 at 9:43 am

Glee is perfection to me! Sure, I get really tired of the whole, no! Glee club is in jeapordy! theme every week, but this show is endearing and wonderful in a way TV has never seen before. I was glued to my TV everynight since it first aired and absolutely LOVED the season finale! My only beef with it was, as was mentioned by another person on here, that Vocal Adrenaline song was a SOLO not a glee clulb performance. So the fact that they won Regionals seems a little too far fetched for me. However, Rachel and Finn kiss on the stairs and they way he told her he loved her right before they went on stage was PERFECT. I also very interested to see how and if Rachel will have a reaction to her birth mother adopting Quinn baby.

I hope they bring back Teri a bit next season. She was crazy. Her role in the first half was so interesting with her fake pregnancy!

I think I could talk about Glee all day.

June 17, 2010 at 9:17 am

Did anyone notice that you never saw the name of the First Place winner on the card. Perhaps New Direction did win, but Sue didn call their name. If you remember in the deliberation room, Sue wrote New Direction and Josh Groban liked them too so that would have been two votes for New Direction and one each for the other team putting New Direction in First Place. Just a theory. You know Sue wouldn have wanted them to win even though deep down she probably did, but that would have given Mr. Shue the upper hand at school and Sue couldn live with that. I did not like the fact that Rachel Mom adopted a baby when she could not be bothered with building a relationship with her own daughter. Rachel will be very hurt I sure. I finding that older people are more into the show than younger kids. Love the show and can wait for next season to begin. I be watching the reruns all summer though.


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