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Art unites. Art is passion.

This website invites artists, art lovers and all involved to exchange their experiences and ideas, inspirations and visions. It is opportunity to present and sell your work - paintings, sculptures, photographs and music.

Art is necessary to go beyond borders. It should not be elitist, but spontaneous and stunning. Let it seduce you! Here, you may feel free and you may fulfill your artistic ambitions.

We invite you to use our website in order to present and sell your art.

Editions from our artists

Photos and Paintings offers a lot of freedom to the artist to present themselves.
But also Photos and Paintings looks for performances and helps them to sell thier art or supports them otherwise.
For instant with collections of postcards.

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Would winning the fight they set themselves up for have made them happy

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on Sat, 2015-07-04 03:55

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Archeage Gold Bonus with the Purchase of Premium Sbuscriptions

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on Tue, 2015-06-30 09:15

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Manfred Schüler

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on Wed, 2015-06-24 13:36

Wojtek Figielski und Manfred Schüler kennen sich schon eine Weile. Auf der Artpul Ausstellung hatten Sie wieder miteinander zu tun und haben sich über Kunst und Kultur ausgetauscht. Der Inhaber der Plattform, Herr Figielski, besitzt unter anderem einige Werke des Künstlers und würde gern Ihr Augenmerk auf die Vielfältigkeit des Künstlers lenken.

Artpul Pulheim 2015

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on Mon, 2015-06-15 09:37
Monday, June 15, 2015

Photos and Paintings hat auf der artpul Ausstellung einige Künstler kennengelernt. Um euch auf diese und deren Kunst einzustimmen hier ein paar Links zu den Websiten der Künstler.

Impressionen der Ausstellung könnt ihr in unserer Galerie anschauen. Dazu folgt ihr einfach diesem Link.

Hier nun die Künstler mit denen wir ins Gespräch gekommen sind.

art'pu:l – Fair for contemporary art

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posted by
on Thu, 2015-06-04 09:41
Exhibition Thursday, June 4, 2015 to Sunday, June 7, 2015

art'pu:l – Fair for contemporary art  From June 4 until June 7 2015, the art'pu:l will for the 5th time present contemporary international art in the beautiful historical factory buildings of the rolling mill Pulheim.

Take a look at some of the best pieces of art in our Collection.

16.artconnection - Kunst & soziales Engagement

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posted by
on Thu, 2015-01-22 14:17
Exhibition Friday, November 28, 2014 to Sunday, November 30, 2014

a day of my life

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posted by
on Thu, 2015-01-22 13:53
Exhibition Sunday, January 11, 2015 to Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The collection of the Museum Ludwig

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posted by
on Tue, 2014-09-30 11:29

As Josef Haubrich of Cologne after the end of the second World War, in 1946, handed directly his art collection, it seemed the people of Cologne as a message from a better world. Long-lost images of German Expressionists and other representatives of Classical Modernism, who were persecuted during the war and as "degenerate" were suddenly among the citizens of the city. That he should thus lay the foundation for the collection of the Museum Ludwig - and thus for one of the most important museums of modern and contemporary art in Europe - was still in the distant future.

The Cathedral

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on Tue, 2014-09-30 11:27
Exhibition Friday, September 26, 2014 to Sunday, January 18, 2015

Romance - Impressionism - Modern

Galerie Franzkowiak

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posted by
on Mon, 2014-09-29 13:01

In September 2014, Galerie Franzkowiak opened their rooms in Togostraße 6
in Berlin to show young and established contemporary positions out of
the areas of painting, graphic, sculpture and photography. The new
location is situated in a charming part of Berlin Wedding. The artists
represented by Galerie Franzkowiak live in Berlin but also in
Copenhagen, Paris or Tokyo. Amongst others the gallery represents Arno
Bojak, Stefanie Hillich, Christoph Löffler, Marc Gröszer, Kata Unger and
Frank Diersch.

Inspiration Japan

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posted by
on Mon, 2014-09-29 12:10

When they created the key works of their era, artists were such as Van Gogh, Monet and Gauguin in total Japan-fever. How much they were influenced by the Asian aesthetic, now shows the Folkwang Museum.

Lichtenberg should be more attractive

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posted by
on Mon, 2014-09-29 11:44

More art against the gray: The Lichtenberg Open Art initiative aims to make the district more attractive. Now there is a new work of art - the world's largest inhabited mural artist James Bullough and Addison Karl.

Ausstellung BAV GALERIE DIELE projekt a+

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on Fri, 2014-03-14 12:25
Vernissage Monday, March 24, 2014 to Friday, May 16, 2014

Der Fleck als Wahrzeichen der Unvollkommenheit
Meine Bilder handeln von Anfang und Ende, von Werden und Vergehen, von Leben und Tod. Aus meiner Lust am Erfinden und meiner Vorliebe für das Fragmentarische entstehen Bilder die enthiillen aber zugleich verrätseln, die leicht sind und fordernd, unheimlich und spielerisch.
Sie sind Andeutungen einer unwirklichen Gegenwart ebenso wie Niederschriften von Körperlichkeit und Angst.

Museum Ludwig

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on Tue, 2014-01-28 17:15

Museum Ludwig